The thought of air travel can be overwhelming and scary for children. The idea of putting some of their things in suitcases and getting on a huge airplane, leaving their home, pets, and everything that they love behind can invoke terror and insecurity. They wonder what will happen to their things and their friends when they come home. They wonder if they will come home.

Take time to explain.

Take the time to explain to your child where you will be going and how you will get there. Whatever the reason for your trip, talk to your child about why you are going. If possible, let your child help decide what they would like to do at your destination. Your child will be much more enthusiastic and cooperative while you do the things you have to do if they get to choose things they want to do.

Play a "pretend game"

To help relieve fears that something will happen to their home or things while they are gone, play a pretend game with your child. Tell your child the two of you are going to tell a story about all the fun things your home and belongings will do while you are away You start the story by pretending to be a toy and say, ìWow, my little girl (boy) has gone on a trip. We toys are going to have lots of fun.î Talk about some of the fun things they toys will do, then, turn the story over to your child and listen. Take turns telling the story, and make sure it ends with your family coming home safely to find the house and everything in it just as your child left it.

Take care of their fluffy

Make sure your child knows who will be caring for any family pets while you're gone and make arrangements for your child to call the caretaker so they can check up on their beloved Fluffy.

Alleviating your childís worry and insecurity is the first step to having a fun, relaxing trip with your child

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